In August of 2013, I traveled with my daughter to spend time at Giant Rock.

There are “special centers” around the world where, historically, people have been drawn to for spiritual energy. These “vortex” centers are usually on or near an interesting rock formation, where people have reported feeling inspired by a beneficial source of energy.

Giant Rock is/was one of these places.

History of The Giant Rock
This granite stone, thought to be the world’s largest freestanding boulder at about seven stories high and covering 5,800 square feet of ground, was held sacred by the Native Americans of the Joshua Tree area.
For a variety of reasons, forced relocation, Government assimilation programs and loss of cultural practices, Native American people stopped going to The Giant Rock for ceremonial practices. The land, at first “owned” by the government, was then leased to others over the years.
In February 2000, a spiritual leader from LA named Shri Nath Devi was inspired to bring a group of healers to the Giant Rock to pray and meditate. Two days after this group of healers prayed at the Giant Rock, a third of the rock split and broke away, exposing a gleaming white granite interior.


The Giant Rock and German Spies?

In the early 1930’s a German prospector and inventor with an interest in short-wave radio staked a claim to the land surrounding Giant Rock and became Charlie Reche’s neighbor. His name was Frank Critzer. Frank excavated a 400 square space under The Giant Rock and built a one-room subterranean home with a doorway facing west and a storage room toward the east. He lived there year round.
On July 1, 1942, three Riverside County deputy sheriff's visited Critzer to investigate allegations that he might be involved in a series of thefts from Garnet, Banning and Palm Springs of gasoline, dynamite and tools. Rumors also abounded that the airport he had created was used to transport illegal aliens, that Critzer had failed to register for the draft, and he was a German spy. Some say the deputies threw a tear gas container into his home under the rock, which ignited some dynamite other say he blew himself up. Frank Critzer was dead, and none of the allegations and rumors could be substantiated. Some claim that the government confiscated his papers and belongings outlining Critzer's new inventions and interest in UFO’s.

The Giant Rock and UFO’s
To UFO researchers, Giant Rock is significant for other reasons. It was the home and workplace of the enigmatic George Van Tassel, who applied to lease the property from the Bureau of Land Management in 1945. Van Tassel, friends with Frank Critzer, believed the rocks crystalline structure possessed great channeling power by virtue of its piezo-electric characteristics.

Space Convention

In 1953, he started holding weekly meditations that he claimed led to contact with extraterrestrial beings. As Van Tassel tells the story, a ship from Venus landed and the occupants of the ship invited him onboard where they tutored him on a variety of subjects, including human, cellular rejuvenation.

Unfortunately Van Tassel suffered a fatal heart attack just prior to its completion. The building plans were never recovered and the building has been converted into a meditation facility where people can experience a sound bath, record in the only all-wood, acoustically perfect sound chamber in the U.S, or read up on the history of Van Tassel.

In 2005, a geophysicist measured the earth's magnetic field for up to 15 miles in every direction from the Integratron and then inside the dome.  She proclaimed that there is a significant, unexplainable spike in the earth's magnetic field in the center of the Integratron.
The Giant Rock today