Prophecy Fog
by Jani Lauzon

Once home to sacred ceremonies, UFO conventions, an airport and Howard Hughes favorite restaurant, the Giant Rock now stands covered in graffiti and surrounded by broken bottles and the silence synonymous with the sand swept Mojave Desert. Near by stands the “Integratron”, an acoustically perfect dome built by Giant Rock homesteader and Ufologist, George Van Tassel with instructions from his Venusian contactees. The Integratron now serves as a meditation retreat, Van Tassel’s original dream of a time machine never realized.

Prophecy Fog weaves together the performance skills of veteran raconteur Jani Lauzon and the expertise of projection designer Alex Williams to elicit a conscious remembering of ancient prophecies that speak to rock teachings, star beings and earth changes.

Come join us in a meditation under Giant Rock, a sound bath at the “Integratron” and if the stars align, a ride in an alien spacecraft.